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When I signed up for the newsletter it mentioned I was joining a cult?

We are not a cult. We are a company that makes bad jokes and games. Please still play our games.

Can I join the cold pizza team?

If this was your question, you'd be the first, but in the hypothetical situation it was we are flattered! The answer is maybe? We're always on the hunt for talented illustrators, creatives, community managers, etc. Send us an email and we'll do our best to get back to you. While we may not have a position, we do encourage anyone to make their own games! We did! Check out our Instragram channel for links to great resources on making games, and we wish you the best of luck. While this may sound pretentious because we're still making our first game, in the off-chance we forget about this paragraph in the future then we don't need to rewrite this. Pro tip #1, If you're making a game it's good to be proactive.

Do you think your jokes are funny?

Yes. Yes we do.

Can I add a question here?

Sure, join our cult via the Contact form and let us know your question.


We're a small team of pocket lint...

I guess we're trying to make some games, and along the way we'll share our bank account information?

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