Some people say life is a game,

and to those people we say, why not play



Into the



2-4 Players

15-45 Minutes

Ages 12+

If you did, your hand may look like this, instead of just a hand.

Coming soon to Kickstarter!



Like shiny and colorful things?

We do!


In Professor Prospector you win by collecting pairs of gemstones!

Or by gathering an army of clones. Whichever is more convenient for you.

How to play video coming soon,

stay tuned!

Everyone is a lawnmower

Dolphins! Portals! Be the first to mow your lawn in this family game that mixes the everyday mundane with the extraordinary!

No More Roommates

You've just saved the universe from intergalactic evil, but you have horrible roommates. Break down the will of your fellow roommates & take control of the space station.

Happy Thanksgiving!

More upcoming games!


We're a small team of pocket lint...

I guess we're trying to make some games, and along the way we'll share our bank account information?

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