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Shiritori Odori is a modern party twist to a traditional word matching game for all levels of Japanese, from beginner to native!

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Shiritori Odori

is a word matching game where players use cards to match the end of one word with the start of another.

For example you could match:

"kuma (bear) with"machi" (town)

or "matsuri" (festival) with ”risu" (squirrel)

A race to the finish, the first player to use all their cards wins!

If you can't match the word, you can either draw 2 cards or create a short dance inspired by the word.

What does a bear dance look like?

What about a bicycle dance?

This game is about letting loose and having a good time. It will get...silly.

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100 cards

200 words!

accessible to beginners

Fast-paced party game

Learn words in a fun & memorable way

2-8 Players

Play time

5-25 minutes

Ages 8 & Up

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Card anatomy

While studying Japanese this past winter, I remembered some of the games I played while living in Japan. Those memories inspired me to create a game that made learning the language fun and accessible for everyone. Thus, in Shiritori Odori, each card has 5 parts:

  1. kanji (漢字) - the adopted Chinese characters used for writing

  2. cool colors :D

  3. furigana - the reading of the kanji in hiragana (a syllabary for Japanese - it's a lettering system)

  4. the English translation

  5. the pronunciation of the word in roman characters

No matter your level, whether you're just starting out with Japanese or a native speaker, you can play the game! 

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