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Bad Ad Game.jpg

It's red.

The box

A 60 second countdown.

A sand timer

Passed The Game Crafter's Sanity Test - AKA the game is easy to learn

The rulebook

Take on the role of inexperienced advertisers.

You have 1 minute to create an ad.

If a player laughs, they give you their money!

This is the product you'll be trying to sell.

Gotta Sell

An action happening in the ad.

What's Happening

An important object that must be in the ad.

An Object

"Bad Ad is a beast of a party game if you are in for a slightly awkward but hilarious evening. Certainly will play this on New Year's Eve!"

- Andreas Wilde, game designer of Soviet Kitchen &
Houston, we have a Dolphin!

Bad Ad

You Laugh, You Lose | A Party Game

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